About Joe Cefalu

Guitarist and composer Joe Cefalu has released various albums as a solo artist and has been featured on numerous recordings throughout the years as a session player. His most recent instrumental album, Blink of an Eye, is an exciting collection of guitar driven tunes featuring Joe’s dynamic playing style. Blending Blues, Rock, Prog, and Fusion approaches, “Blink of an Eye” is a must for fans of melodic, adventurous guitar playing.

Two previous releases, Fear Itself and The Lazarus Project, are also currently available. Publications such as Guitar Player, Vintage Guitar, and Guitarist (UK) magazines have featured Joe in their pages.

Originally from NYC, Joe spent his formative years there practicing guitar, playing gigs, and working in recording studios. After spending about a decade in the California Bay Area, Joe and his family moved to the Mountain West and now reside in Boise, Idaho.

As a guitar instructor, Joe teaches students of all ages and playing levels at his private studio in Downtown Boise. His online instructional videos have been popular and highly rated on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, and pre-production for instructional DVDs and online lessons are currently in the works.  Recently, Joe has been performing some live shows with Steve Augeri, who sang lead for 8 years in the legendary American Rock band, Journey.

Bio Facts

Born in: Smithtown, NY
Started playing at age: 14
First guitar: Zim-Gar Steel String Acoustic
First electric setup: Ibanez Artist guitar & Peavey Bandit amp
Initially inspired by: Roy Clark (on The Odd Couple)
Musical style: Melodic Instrumental Rock

Guitarist Joe Cefalu