Blink of an Eye

Blink of an Eye CD

Joe’s latest instrumental effort, Blink of an Eye, is a must for fans of melodic, adventurous guitar music. With inventive songwriting and a knack for smooth, rich guitar tones, Joe has crafted an album of tunes that, “mix the best bits of Beck and Gilmour with his own sense of style and vigor” - to quote GUITARIST magazine.

Preview the Album
  • 1. Neck Deep in Dark Water
  • 2. Palookaville
  • 3. Bang-Zoom
  • 4. Magnetic North
  • 5. Citizen Ghost
  • 6. Yucca Flats
  • 7. What's In the Box?
  • 8. Amarillo Lullaby
  • 9. Boots on the Ground

Fear Itself

Fear Itself CD

Well received by critics and fans, Fear Itself is a collection of highly energetic tunes that showcase Joe's playing and songwriting across a wide range of styles. Delivering stomping Hard Rock, Gospel-tinged ballads, and percolating Fusion grooves, this release offers something for every listener – an extremely diverse sonic experience!

Preview the Album
  • 1. Gravesend Blues
  • 2. Crop Circles
  • 3. The Big Tall Wish
  • 4. Blackie Redd
  • 5. Signor Max
  • 6. The Fear
  • 7. Suckerpunch
  • 8. Grey Sea At Dawn
  • 9. By Any Other Name
  • 10.Riddle Me This


Preview a track, “Neck Deep In Dark Water”, from Joe’s Blink of an Eye album.

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