Gear: Main Guitars

Fender Strat Plus

1989 Fender Strat Plus

Custom DiMarzio pickups, compound radius neck, stainless steel frets [read more…]

Squier by Fender Strat

1988 Fender Squier Strat

Gotoh tuners, refretted neck, Graph Tech saddles, Dimarzio pickups [read more…]

Suhr Custom Classic

2013 Suhr Custom Classic

Roasted bird-eye maple neck, Alder body, Charcoal Frost Metallic finish [read more…]

Gear: Main Amps

Suhr Badger

Suhr Badger 30 head

Egnater TOL

Egnater TOL 100 head

Fender Hot Rod Deville

Fender Hot Rod DeVille

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

The Suhr and Egnater heads are played through either a 212 Marshall 1966 cab w/ Celestion Greenbacks or an Avatar open backed 112 cab with a Celestion Gold for recording.

Gear: Effects Pedals and Accessories

Effect units that see the most action:

  • Pigtronix Philosophers Tone Compressor
  • Barber Tone Press Compressor
  • 1st generation Budda Wah
  • Dunlop CryBaby Classic Wah
  • Dunlop Custom Prototype Wah
  • MXR Super Comp
  • MXR Phase 45
  • Custom Audio Electronics Boost
  • Xotic EP Booster
  • Xotic BB Preamp
  • MI Audio Crunch Box
  • Keeley Mod Blues Driver
  • Retro-Sonic Phaser

Joe uses a Digital Music Corporation Ground Control Pro midi controller with a GCX Guitar Audio Switcher to route and isolate effect units. All guitars are strung with Dunlop Strings. Joe’s standard tuned electric guitars use these gauges:

9 11 16 24 34 44

“Grab & GO” Pedalboard