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Students of all ages and playing levels are taught the foundations and building blocks for Blues, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Fusion and crossover styles. Through a comprehensive, easy to understand system, the student learns to be comfortable playing a variety of styles in any key, anywhere on the fingerboard with control and confidence. A focus on technique, improvisation and theory essentials takes each student step by step, at his or her own pace, toward their own particular playing goals. Another aim is to be sure the student gets to explore, develop and express their own unique musical voice on the instrument.

In-Person Private Lessons are held at:

The Pioneer Building
106 N. 6th St. – Suite B1
Boise, Idaho 83702

“Online” Private Lessons:

I also offer guitar lessons to anyone who is interested regardless of your location. We communicate via email & videos. We discuss your goals, form lesson plans, and I create personalized, step by step videos that I send to you via a YouTube link. In turn, you practice and capture your playing on your phone, iPad, etc., and upload it to your YouTube account and send me your video link (these can be uploaded as “private” or “unlisted” so it’s just between us). I can then evaluate your playing, address any & all questions or difficulties you may have, and respond with more hints, tips, and further videos. This can be a great option even if you live in the Boise area – no schedule conflicts, no deadlines, and access to learning 24/7, wherever you are on the planet!

If you don’t have one yet, create a YouTube account and we are ready to work together. Payment is via PayPal.

If anyone is interested, please email me for further details: joe@stratcat.net

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